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The KaraokeVibe App allows for your singing customers to search for Karaoke bars and submit their songs to you.

Instructions on how to sign up:

Click on login at the top right hand corner of the screen, this will take you to the login/signup page. Click on "Sign up" at the bottom of the page. Fill out the form. Please make sure you select "Yes" in the "Are you a DJ?" button. (this will setup your DJ Account) Make sure you fill out the user name, E.G. "DJ JOE". This will be your DJ/KJ Name. (By default you will receive a 30 day free trial. To change your plan click on DJ Plans. A song list will be available to test the system prior to setting up your song book.) Then click register.

This will bring you to your page "DJ JOE'S PAGE". Click on "My Account" tab at the top of the page.

Setting up a Club:

Click on "My Clubs". Then Click on add a club. Fill out all the information for the club you are working at. Then save new club. A list of clubs will pop up displaying all the clubs available. Select the club based on the info you typed in and click on the "Choose Club" button. If your club is not listed, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and add it as a new club. You will now be directed to the page to edit times and days you perform. Click "EDIT". Fill out all the info E.G. Day and Time then click the Save button.
This will take you back to the add/edit Time page. You can add more days or click on "My Account" tab to take you back to the My Info page. Before starting your show at your club, you will need to Start/End your show, by clicking on the
"Start Show". This takes the status from a purple pin on the smart phone to a green pin, indicating that your show is now live. Legend for the pins are as follows:

Red:     A Karaoke Bar that is listed that a KJ has not claimed. (A good way to find new venues)
Purple: A Karaoke Bar that is verified as a Karaoke Bar.
Green:  A Live Karaoke Bar with a current show.

To search for clubs you will have to use your smart phone or tablet to do this.

How to Upload your song list:

Go to the My Account page, click on My List. Click on Upload your new playlist. You will need a file with your songs in a Comma seperated file format (CSV) in 2 coloumns Song and Artist. Once imported into Excel save the file as a
CSV (MS-DOS) (*.csv) format (option listed in excel) and name the file mysonglist.CSV
The data should be formatted into in 2 coloums namely Song and Artist. Clean the data for duplicates and spelling errors then copy ONLY the 2 colums (Song and Artist) to a new Excel page and save it as a CSV (MS-DOS) (*.csv) file so that the file name will look something like this Joes_song_list.CSV. Now your file is ready to be uploaded.

There is a utility tool you can download
KaraokeVibe Song List Creator", this enables you to convert you song list into a readable format e.g. CSV file. you will need to only list the artist and song in the spreadsheet then save it as a CSV DOS format (Song, Artist). DOS format in excel. After cleaning up the file copy it to a new Excel page and save it as a (Joes_song_list.CSV)
If all else fails, call or email us: 972-245-6890 or and we will walk you through the process

We have over 1000 clubs on the site and we are continuing to add more clubs daily
If you need help let us know.

For further information please email:

Subscription Cancellation Notice:

If you need to cancel your subscription please email with a 72 Hr notice period before your next billing cycle. You will recieve an email with a reference number to confirm your cancellation.
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