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Ok Karaoke DEE JAY'S we have updated the kiosk for a better searching experience. You can search for Artist or Title with one button, you can add a % in the search string for easier searches. This enables your singer to search for any song containing a specific word, e.g. Rain, this will find all songs with rain it it. Test the system now click this link
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Currently the latest ios is not working please go to and use the web site

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It is simple to start using the KaraokeVibe system:

  • Sign up for a DJ account here
  • Upload your own song list, see the "How To" section. Until you upload your own list, a default song list is loaded for your convenience
  • Open the Kiosk on your tablet or computer and get your singers to submit songs to your Request Center
  • View your Request Center after you login, to see your singers' song requests
  • IF YOU NEED HELP CALL:972-400-8172. Dallas Texas. like us on Facebook.. key word KARAOKEVIBE

Singers - Get Started & Request Songs!

  • Download the KaraokeVibe app for your iPhone or Android (top right of page)
  • New Web-based song search function
  • You can search for karaoke shows and songs, then submit your songs to your DJ...even before you arrive!
  • If your DJ has not yet registered the club where you sing, please tell him/her about KaraokeVibe and to sign up for a DJ account
  • There are over 1,500 searchable clubs listed on KaraokeVibe, with more daily
  • Remember to type in a relatively simple stage name so your DJ can read and understand it. Enjoy, and thanks for downloading the KaraokeVibe app!

If you wish to contact us, support is free!

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