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Android Users


Download the FREE KaraokeVibe Mobile App for your Android.

You will be able to search for Karaoke Shows and songs, and then submit them to your KJ/DJ.

If your DJ/KJ, has not registered for your club PLEASE INFORM them about the KaraokeVibe experience.

We have over 1000 clubs registered on the KaraokeVibe site and we are continuing to add more clubs daily.

If you need help let us know
For further information please email:
Go to your Iphone App store and search for "
KaraokeVibe" there are 2 options for download.

There is a free App that has adverts (they only come up when you click on them) and the paying App that doesn't, you pick it.

Once downloaded, you will need to REGISTER your name with an email address and password.

You will have the option to select a stage name as well.
Please remember to pick something that your DJ can understand and read.

Once you have registered, it will automatically log you in to the App. You may have to reload the App. Make sure you are using the latest version of your phone software.

To get started log in ,then select club locator, you will then see 2 options "By Zip Code" or "By current location" Zip Code allows you to see any clubs in that area. By current location will show clubs in a 10 mile radius.

You will see Pins on the map showing the locations of clubs. Red pins are unregistered clubs, Purple pins are registered but not live at that time and Green Pins are live Karaoke shows. Click on the Green pin and it will show you the clubs name.

Select that club by clicking on the rectangle box and you will then see the options to select the night for your singing pleasure. Click on rectangle for that night and you will then be able to search the DJ/KJ song book. You can search by artist or song or partial entry.
When you have found your song select it and you will be prompted with a message asking you if that’s the song you want. Click again and the song will be forwarded to your DJ/KJ. You are now ready to sing. You may at this time confirm with your KJ/DJ if they got your request


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