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About KaraokeVibe


Headline:   Karaoke Just Got Easier. And A Whole Lot Better.

How much better would your karaoke experience be if you could do away with costly books, clumsy pencils and inefficient paper slips? And provide your audience with seamless, complete access to your song list via a tablet, laptop, kiosk…or even their own smart phone? And let singers select a song before they arrive,

KaraokeVibe helps you create an easy, professional new vibe for your show. Here are a few of the turn-key benefits you’ll experience:

·         No more expensive, unwieldy books, broken pencils and lost paper slips—Enough said.

·         Singers easily select songs via a customized tablet/kiosk, a free smart-phone app, or both.

·         Easy song-search via tablet—On a tablet/kiosk, singers simply touch a virtual button, type their name, then type a song name, artist name, or keywords (e.g. “duets”) to find their songs. Every song that fits their search criteria displays instantly.

·         Easy song search via a free smart-phone app—Free smart-phone app access to your songbook that singers can quickly download from iTunes, Android Store or via QR code.

·         Know who’s coming to your show before they ever get there—With the smart-phone app, singers can select a song before they get to the club, allowing you to set up your queue in advance.

·         Better marketing—The smart-phone app also shows maps and hours for the places you perform, plus a show finder for karaoke shows all over the country.

·         Professional look and feel—Quickly get your show out of paper and into technology.

·         No software to maintain—Our system is Web-based.

·         No need to change your current computer system—We are universal to all karaoke platforms.

·         No Internet connection—KaraokeVibe has a  stand-alone kiosk.

·         Display songs on any laptop, tablet, touch screen, PC or smart phone—KaraokeVibe is hardware-neutral.

·         Easy maintenance—Once you’ve uploaded your song database into KaraokeVibe’s system, you simply add new songs straight into it, update, and you’re done.

·         Fewer stupid questions, more time to do a good show—No more “Hey, do you have ‘Love Shack’?” Spend your time helping the customers who really need help, and perform a better show.

·         Happier customers—Quicker access to songs, no more incomplete books, lost slips or missing pencils, and no more having to walk over to ask you if you have a particular song.

·         Happier club owners—A professional entertainment experience that makes their club a place to be.

·         Low cost—Our monthly, quarterly or yearly fee is cheaper to what you pay to create and update those awful books.

·         Free trial—Your first 30 days are free.

Other options available:

·         Professional, secure display case available for most tablet models.

·         Kiosk/tablet signage available to help singers know where/how to select their songs.

·         KaraokeVibe also offers consulting on audio and software set-up, microphone set-up/training, and sound set-up.

About KaraokeVibe

KaraokeVibe was developed by Markham Bester, a 40-year veteran of the audio, music, club and studio scenes. With over 25 years of karaoke experience, he’s seen all the challenges you need to overcome to create a great karaoke show, one that people want to come back to week after week.

In an effort to streamline and professionalize his shows, the KaraokeVibe system and experience was born. His mission is to give you a turn-key, professional system that you can personalize to meet your needs.

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For more info or to make your show a KaraokeVibe experience, please visit us a or call (972) 245-6890

Tagline: Create a new vibe. KaraokeVibe.

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